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 Why Surprise Travel?


Travel is a direct path to culture.

Through the greater understanding of the cultures of the world, we create a better one. At Avacato, we encourage travelers to practice open-mindedness and experience cultures through language, food, music, architecture and meeting locals. Let’s make a better world! Together.

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Excitement of a surprise

Who doesn’t love surprises? We definitely do. Remember the feeling you felt on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa Claus. Or waiting for your birthday party. We recreate that excitement for you and make you feel like a child again. You’ll receive a package from us full of surprises. And you only open it the day of your departure.


No planning, no stress

Planning and booking your vacation can be overwhelming. Starting months in advance, searching for a place to stay, finding the right flight tickets and reading through all the reviews. With us you can book your surprise trip 4 weeks ahead without the hours of work.

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