What We Believe In

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Life is short.
Traveling is essential.
Experiences are priceless.
Avocados are delicious.

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Travel is a direct path to culture.

At Avacato, we believe in the benefits of travel. We believe that leaving home and exploring new places gives us something irreplaceable. When we travel, we learn about ourselves and our world. We learn through all of our senses. We see new places, we hear new languages, we eat great food, dance and enjoy freedom.

We believe in conscious travel. In making a difference. We are global ambassadors of open-mindedness and we believe that through the greater understanding of the cultures of the world, we create a better one. Because that’s what our world needs. US. Together.

Who we are.

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We are a small independent team of Europeans & Americans from several different cultural and creative backgrounds who set a goal: to help people experience the world.

So with our love for travel experiences and passion for culture, we wanted to start an independent travel company focused on short, easy-to-book travel experiences that take the planning work out of the equation. Our hope is to simplify the experience of travel planning, bridge the gap between borders, and share our passion for travel experiences. And surprises. And avocados.

Experience the world.
We’ll plan it.

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