Surprise Travel FAQs

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What is Avacato?

Avacato is a surprise travel experience. You tell us your travel dates and preferences and we plan and book a wonderful trip for you. The surprise? Your destination!

Where does your name come from?

Who doesn’t love avocados, right? Well, then why don’t you take A-VACA-TO a surprise destination with us? Hope that explains it.

Who is behind Avacato?

We are a multicultural team of millennials with different creative backgrounds and a big bag of passion for exploring and experiencing.


What is surprise travel?

Surprise travel is a unique way of vacationing. You tell us when you want to go and how much you want to spend on it and we send you to a mystery destination which you only find out at the airport, before your departure.

How will I know what to do if I don’t have time to plan?

Don’t worry, we take care of that for you. We will send you a guide with personalized recommendations. You will receive hand-picked restaurants, things to do and things to see.

Who is Avacato Surprise Travel for?

If you’re a U.S. citizen or Permanent resident and your departure location is in the continental United States, you’re in luck! You’re adventurous and open-minded? You’re our ideal Avacato traveler!

What does my budget include?

Your per person budget covers your return flights and hotel. We do not guarantee to cover food and activities, but if your budget allows, we will surprise you with a booked activity or gift card (restaurant, Uber, etc.) Choose your budget wisely. The bigger your budget, the more options we have to plan the best experience for you.


How will I receive my boarding passes?

The morning of your departure we will send you your boarding passes via email and check you in for your outbound flight. It will be your responsibility to check yourself in for your return flight with the information we send you via email. We will also include your flight information in your package, just in case.

I want to travel to a specific destination. Can I do that?

Avacato specializes in surprise trips, which means sending you to the destination of your choice would ruin the surprise element. And we would never do that!

Can I choose what region I would like to travel?

Yes! We will ask you to tell us what continent you’d prefer to visit in the Traveler Survey before check out. We will do our best to find the best destination for you in your preferred region.

What if I don’t like where you send me?

We do our best to find the perfect destination according to your preferences and depending on your departure location and travel dates. We take our time to analyze your Traveler Survey and come up with a location we think best suits you and your party. We encourage our travelers to be adventurous and enjoy every part of your surprise trip!

What should I pack?

You will receive an email one week before your departure with the weather forecast and packing tips from us so you won’t leave anything essential at home. We will also email you the updated weather forecast the day before your departure.

How long before my trip should I sign up?

We require to have at least 4 weeks to plan your trip. This time frame allows us to research your departure airport, travel dates and preferences, find a mystery destination and plan and book everything for you.

Can I purchase travel insurance through Avacato?

If you’re interested in getting travel insurance for your trip, please make sure you check in the box in the Traveler Survey and we will send you a quote from one of our partners. Then you can decide if you’d like to buy insurance.

Can I use my frequent flyer miles?

If we enter your frequent flyer number, you will get an email about your upcoming vacation that would ruin the surprise. But don’t worry, most airlines will let you add your trip after returning!

Can kids come?

Absolutely! Family trips are a perfect occasion for bonding and spending time together. Make sure to tell us all kids’ names and date of birth. We will make sure to send you to a family-friendly spot with a lot to do!

Have a baby? Great! Kids under 2 travel for free! You don’t have to count them in the number of travelers. Just tell us their name and birthday.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, it requires a lot of coordination to travel with a pet, so for now, you have to leave your furry friend at home.

Why is traveling Solo more expensive than the Multi-traveler option?

Traveling with a companion is always cheaper. Sharing a hotel room splits up the costs and there is group-discount available for specific activities. Bring your friends or travel with your family and you’ll be able to save more!

Can my travel partner and I leave from different cities?

Yes! We love friend reunions! Just tell us each person’s address and the airport they want to depart from and we will find your meeting point!


What are the payment options?

After completing the Traveler Survey, you will have the option to pay the full amount of the trip on our website using a credit card. We do not have a payment plan available. Your other option is to be redirected to Paypal. You either pay the full amount or use Paypal Credit (subject to credit approval) over 6 months.

Can we pay separately?

You will have to use one card to make a payment on our website. But we’re sure, our friends at Venmo would be happy to help you split up the costs!

Are there additional fees or charges?

There are no extra fees on top of your budget. You pay exactly the same amount you select when booking your trip.

After taking our small, 15% service fee, the rest of your budget goes towards planning your awesome surprise trip. First, we book your flights and hotel and if there’s room in your budget, we will get you some more surprises!

What if I don’t receive my envelope on time?

We mail your package with USPS 2-day shipping, on time for you to receive it days before your departure. But in case it gets lost in the mail, we send you everything via email. Your package, city guide and all the information to get your boarding passes for your return flight.

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