International Escape (Solo Traveler)

International Escape (Solo Traveler)

from 2,500.00

Our Solo International Escape is designed for individuals looking to cross borders to enjoy the journey of complete freedom.

Trip duration: 7-10 days

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Life is short.
Traveling is essential.
Experiences are priceless.

Avocados are delicious.

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Solo, not alone.

It’s easy to feel like we need to wait for permission or partners to do something big. But the truth is, when you experience something, that experience belongs to you. Traveling solo does not mean you’ll be alone. The world is full of amazing places and cultures, and each place is full of people for you to meet.


The wonders of traveling solo.

Independence breeds self-reflection. Going solo allows our brains to recharge, increases productivity and boosts creativity. Letting our minds relax and remain open to new experiences inherently helps us learn and grow. When that happens should be determined by one calendar only: your own.


A Whole New World.

No one to tell you no, or where to go, or say you're only dreaming.
Okay, sure, we borrowed that one, but how old were we when we learned that? Let's not forget it. Traveling solo allows you to be your own guide and go wherever and whenever you desire.

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