Homeland Getaway (Multi-Traveler)

Homeland Getaway (Multi-Traveler)

from 850.00

We created the Homeland Getaway Multi-Traveler option for those who wish to share the joy of traveling with someone they love, while exploring the hidden treasures of the United States.

Trip duration: 3-5 days

If you would like to travel with more than 4 people, please contact us and we will create a custom trip for you.

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Life is short.
Traveling is essential.
Experiences are priceless.

Avocados are delicious.

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Reconnecting as a family.

We all know the answer to the question “How was school today?”. It’s easy to get caught up in work and school, but we know the best way to rewind for both parents and kids. Family vacation provides a great opportunity for bonding by being present with family and spending quality time together. Getting out of our comfort zone and trying something new together is how stories are made.


Friends that travel together, stay together.

Sharing a memory with someone important in your life strengthens your relationship. Get lost in beautiful places and get to know each other deeper. A bonus: if you actually get lost, at least you’re not alone, right?


Thirst for new adventure.

Traveling can be addicting with all its wonderful benefits. You’ll come back home after a trip with beautiful memories, a bunch of stories and more desire for another vacay. Don’t blame us. We told you so…