How To Spend Your Birthday Weekend in Miami


So your birthday is coming up. You’ve worked so hard this year and you need to loosen up a bit, but you also need to clear your mind and bake in the sun. One of the best places to do all those things to the fullest extent for me is Miami and all of that can be done in just one weekend. Miami is such a vibrant place, just walking in the streets gives you this easy-going vibe that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

I passed by Miami to spend my 23rd birthday on my way to the Bahamas last year and it was the best idea because it kick started my vacation with a bang only Miami can provide. Miami is the city where you can totally let loose and no one will be looking at you funny because that’s just how the culture is there anyway! The great thing about Miami is that Tuesday is no different from Saturday so although this is titled “How To Spend Your Birthday Weekend in Miami”, you can absolutely do all these things during the week as well.



I don’t know about you but I like to have a nice hearty meal after a day of traveling, so I’d suggest a nice Cuban restaurant for lunch. Miami is full of Cuban restaurants and is actually nicknamed the capital of Latin America because of the big cuban influence in the city. Since you’re on holiday, having a hearty meal for lunch and giving into itis (medically known as postprandial somnolence) by relaxing or napping on the beach doesn’t sound too bad at all.

Miami becomes more alive in the night time. The half naked humans and neon sports cars look a lot better at night. If you are into the party scene then going out to nightclubs such as LIV is one idea. Or you could just go to a nice bar by South Beach and enjoy the view and breeze.



I like to see as much as possible when I travel to a destination and starting the day off with a little bit of sight-seeing is so easy and inexpensive in Miami because they have the Miami Trolley. The air-conditioned Miami Trolley is absolutely free and it takes you through some popular places such as downtown Miami and Brickell. It runs from 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM daily except on Sundays, where it runs until 8:00 PM but you can Google the routes and schedule to plan your sightseeing morning.

If you’re not spending your day at the beach then exploring Miami’s vibrant Cuban heart, Little Havana, is a great way to spend your afternoon. In this colorful neighborhood, you will find beautiful art galleries, cafes, restaurants and so much more. You can also do your souvenir shopping while you’re at it.

Another vibrant yet relaxed neighborhood is Coconut Grove. The leafy neighborhood offers sidewalk cafes, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and The Barnacle Historic State Park.

There are so many activities to do in Miami that are just a Google search away, from snorkeling to scuba diving or cruises, you name it. Boat parties and party busses are all over the city and if you don’t hear or see posters of any events happening nearby then Eventbrite is a good platform to find events to attend in any city.



Your last day in Miami can start off with a nice swim at the beach, and you don’t have to have all these beach days on the same beach. The long stretch of sand in Miami is divided into different sections and these beaches accommodate all kinds of different preferences. So one day you can spend your beach day on South Pointe Beach and the other on the 12th Street Beach.


Before heading home maybe head to the famous Sugar Factory for lunch and some sweet treats to complete the trip.

Getting around in Miami has become a lot easier over the years, if you are not renting a car then public transport such as the Miami Trolley or the Metrobus which costs about $2.25 per trip are efficient. If not then car services such as Uber are available too.

A birthday weekend in Miami will for sure be one to remember. Enjoy!

Written by: Vonani Ngomana


Vonani Ngomana is a 23-year-old South African currently living in Brooklyn, New York. She took what was supposed to be a gap year after completing her honors degree in journalism in 2017 but hasn’t stopped traveling since. When she started sharing her travel experiences on Instagram, Vonani unknowingly served as an inspiration to her friends and family. Since many started to go to her for tips and advice, Vonani felt the need to be intentional about it and began a YouTube channel and not long after that, a blog.

Vonani named her blog Township Girl’s Travelogue firstly because she comes from a small township in Limpopo, South Africa and secondly to show that traveling is not synonymous with wealth.
When not out and about exploring a new place, Vonani likes to be around her close friends and family or alone in her own space binging on choreography videos.
Whats near and dear to her heart is the resolving of socio-economic issues, the protection of human rights and black consciousness.

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